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According to Bar Councils, there are several categories in this issue, in the first category are those who have fake licences to practice as lawyers, but pose as advocates.
As well as potentially containing dangerous chemicals, fake or faulty toys may not be fully fireproof and could go up in flames in a matter of seconds.
The formulation in Fake Bake products means you don't ever go orange.
The security threat on smartphones does not end with the two above-mentioned fake Google apps.
Sharjah Ports officials have stepped up vigil to detect the entry of fake goods while Sharjah Customs is working with international companies to control the sale of duplicate goods.
Also, all fakes lead back to crime and corruption somewhere along the line, so people buying them are lining the pockets of those folk.
The then chief cashier of the branch, Sudhakar Tripathi, was arrested in this connection and the Special Task Force of the UP Police revealed that Tripathi had links with some ISI agents who used to supply fake currency notes.
He cited the case of one individual who received a fake doctoral degree from the University of Columbus through its president, who ran the business from a federal prison in the US while serving time for involvement in forgery cases.
1]] who represent healthcare professionals, disease-specific organizations, product-development partnerships, foundations, international financing institutions, as well as the research-based pharmaceutical industry have joined forces to raise awareness about the dangers of fake medicines.
There is more fake money circulating in Belgium than elsewhere, because the techniques to trace the fake notes are poorer in Belgium, noted the reports.
Inflow of these fake notes make rapid way in rush hours particularly in the evening time when all the shops are thronged by the consumers.
In the first five months of this year, we confiscated around 4,000 fake watches.