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They are like plastic footballs that you would buy for a little kid at Christmas, realizing that they would fall apart before New Year's,'' Canyon coach Harry Welch said.
Zedillo has watched Eastern Europe fall apart economically and watched Communists win elections there because these people won their political freedom without a free-market base.
Added Rionda Del Castro, "All Things Fall Apart is a strong emotional film, a labor of love for all involved.
There's a mild fascination from an actor's point of view with letting it all fall apart.
If a hairline fracture now extending from the main crack were to grow during the move, he says, "the bell could literally fall apart.
Bulgaria's right-wing Blue Coalition may fall apart, as one of the two major parties within it, the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF), is to decide on whether it would take part in the 2013 general elections on its own.
FILM legend Mario Van Peebles has said 50 Cent was a dream to direct in Things Fall Apart.
If we didn't have them, society will fall apart, as it almost has anyway.
The local old hackberries are notorious for their propensity to fall apart in huge chunks, and we knew that one of our tree's codominant trunks was balanced in our direction, a little too close for comfort.
In this case, fear was the engine of spectacular economic growth; it was the dispersal of that fear that caused the economy to fall apart.
Elements combine or fall apart according to your point of view (in literal and metaphorical senses).