fall from grace

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It was Fall from Grace that was picked up with the thought that A Killing Winter could be a prequel.
It includes eye-witness accounts of his major fights and tells of his fall from grace.
The Red Devils youth director has been around Old Trafford for long enough to know there is unlikely to be a catastrophic fall from grace as a result of Ronaldo's pounds 80m exit.
The star had a spectacular fall from grace when he left lewd messages - along with Russell Brand - on the answerphone of veteran actor Andrew Sachs.
Raging white-boy rap has been replaced by a sleeker sound as he croons about a fall from grace.
A SECOND bishop was dramatically removed from the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland over child sex abuse scandals last night, with another three senior clerics expected to face the same fall from grace.
A leading theme is the long reign of solitary confinement and its final fall from grace.
In addition to life-cycle analysis studies, Hershkowitz acknowledges that a kind of eco-fatalism is responsible for the cloth diaper's fall from grace.
Still, its fall from grace shocked many in the financial world.
The villainous Jobs, according to Malone, is the central explanation for Apple's fall from grace, despite possessing superior technology for years.
The fall from grace of the best-connected executive in Washington's recent history, Enron's Kenneth Lay, should serve as a cautionary tale about the hazards of spreading corporate money around the nation's capital.
The book will also cover her personal and professional struggles, including her battles with drug addiction, her plastic surgery, and her very public dismissal and fall from grace at New York's HOT 97 FM.