fall into decay

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Introducing herself as Celine, she was obviously familiar with the story of what happened at Booth's and lamented how the memorial has been allowed to fall into decay.
Mr Grant makes mention of the 'faults and problems' around the area of East Birmingham - I am fully aware of how the suburbs have been allowed to fall into decay and will continue to do so through lack of investment which is being diverted or concentrated on the city centre.
He was charged with re-invigorating one of Britain's great regions which had been allowed to fall into decay.
fall into decay, I thought, maybe I should do that for my poems--
Without regional rugby W the stadium will fall into decay and we would not be able to maintain it.
Without regional rugby the stadium will fall into decay and we would not be able to maintain it.
It saw many homes in the area torn down or fall into decay after their residents were moved out.
or perhaps Mr Jones-Hughes would prefer these buildings to fall into decay and close as the owners become unable to shoulder this unnecessary additional financial burden he is trying to impose; he should try living in the current 'Hard times' of the real world of private enterprise before dictating ludicrous and financially unviable policies from his so obvious 'out of touch' ivory tower, otherwise known as Conwy Council's Conservation Department.
It is important that we carry out remedial work on the structure rather than allow it to fall into decay.
Over the years, these families can lose all of their wealth by allowing their company to fall into decay and even bankruptcy.
Despite receiving no funding from the state, he and his family refused to let the 18th century castle fall into decay after it was badly damaged in a fire 10 years ago.
It has witnessed the nearby abbey rise from nothing, flourish as a community, decline, fall into decay and disrepair, then be rebuilt and restored.