fall off

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Sometimes they fall off too early because they make a little mistake.
It can be scary when you fall off while jumping, but if you aren't injured, it is best to catch your horse and remount.
I am a regular cyclist but have lost count of the times when inconsiderate car drivers have soaked me in bad weather or caused me to nearly and actually fall off my bike.
For a dude who skates as rowdy as you do, I've never seen your glasses fall off, Have they ever fallen off?
Despite this, he adds that there is a need to ensure that material that is hauled to scrap yards does not fall off a flat bed truck.
The cover illustration, of a boy staring up at a lighthouse about to fall off the edge of a crumbling cliff, which plays a role in the story, captures the book's dark, exciting tone well.
If one piece of tile falls off in a vulnerable spot during reentry, heat melts the underlying aluminum skin like a blowtorch and then adjacent pieces of tile fall off as heat penetrates from inside the structure.