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Strathern's rapid-fire summation of the life and works of Fyodor Dostoevsky is well written and easily digested, but thin on such issues as the causes of Raskolnikov's madness and the hardships of widows and girls who fall prey to deceivers and to prostitution.
Makinde: Millions of African people go hungry every day and food productivity continues to fall prey to had weather, pests and diseases.
Let's face it: it's a lot easier to sell a strong stock than a weak one, and no company wants to fall prey to persistent short-sellers.
While it offers more evidence that the region is in the grip of a liberationist pop culture frenzy (see "Look Who's Rocking the Casbah," June), it also demonstrates that even the region's pop fandom can fall prey to conspiracy theories and divisiveness.
Philadelphia is now the third largest local council in the nation to fall prey to the radical conspiracy against the Boy Scouts.
Like Daedalus' crude fabrications, our wings still melt in the heat, and during travel, we fall prey to biologic hazards, exotic microbes.
James Dobson's Focus on the Family (FOF) has come up with a novel theory as to why so many political leaders seem to fall prey to sex scandals: Women on Capitol Hill dress too provocatively.
It is all too easy for youngsters to fall prey to weird people on these dark evenings and there is, after all, safety in numbers.
In the final third of the book careful attention is afforded to feminism, Hispanic Catholics, the tendency among some Catholics to fall prey to "single-issue" voting, the politicization of abortion, and the ever-growing chasm between traditional and modern Catholics.