fall upon

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REQUESTS to Liverpool city council to resurface Aigburth Drive around Sefton Park continue to fall upon deaf ears.
And with fall upon us, you'll find a preview on page 4, of the pumpkin-loving, scarecrow-hanging Tierra del Sol Foundation's fourth annual Fall Festival.
Even now, the compassionate "gaze" of Christ continues to fall upon individuals and peoples.
Shadows do fall upon us now and again, but they cannot hold.
Politicians have triumphed in recent years, Crawford goes on, by turning the tables on the traditional questioners and attackers and making the foibles of journalists into the issue, thereby deflecting any blame that might fall upon themselves.
Because it is so passe to talk about sin in the first place, we are often unprepared and ill equipped when the consequences of sin fall upon us, the so-called innocent bystanders.
When people believe their concerns fall upon deaf ears then it is their democratic right to protest.
The Spirit of the Lord falls upon people like Gideon, Samson, and Saul, who then lead armies that fall upon the enemies of God's people.