fall upon

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The Spirit of the Lord falls upon people like Gideon, Samson, and Saul, who then lead armies that fall upon the enemies of God's people.
We cannot tolerate such treachery and suggest that you should cause retribution to fall upon the cooking expert, such as expulsion across the border.
In the event that the Chapter 11 should not succeed, and in the further event that the assets are insufficient to satisfy the secured creditor, the liability for unpaid taxes will fall upon the "responsible parties.
Give in to them for a moment, doubt that they are entirely evil, tolerantly admit they might be right in one thing -- and they will fall upon you, believing your defenses are down and you have surrendered yourself as a victim.
Under the guarantee tenants agree that, if they fall upon hard times, that they will return space intact, he said.
That means we will never abandon the men and women who honorably served our nation only to fall upon hard times.
Swithin, an Anglo Saxon Bishop of Winchester, wanted to be buried in a churchyard where rain from the church eaves might fall upon his grave.
This problem of integrating the old with the new will fall upon the shoulders of the integrator to ensure interoperability.