fallacious reasoning

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Scrutability theses are implausible for the average person since many people cannot remember the facts they have been presented with, and worse, they indulge in fallacious reasoning.
In the second they feature theoretical and empirical investigations into "dual-process" accounts of mental processing, where one "system" handles quick and often fallacious reasoning and another more analytical system that is strongly influenced by developmental events and factors.
Half-truths, fallacious reasoning, and hasty speculations not only perpetuate preconceived notions about Iran's nuclear ambitions, but also divert attention from the more urgent problem of nuclear weapons possession.
His essay provides a useful exercise in recognizing fallacious reasoning in the persuasive speeches of politicians.
Thus, these minor premises may come about through fallacious reasoning, what today would be called reasoning via collateral information.
I'm voting Democratic because of nearly eight years of boneheaded decisions to invade and continue to occupy a country on fallacious reasoning, alienating other countries; a $400 billion deficit; deregulation decisions that resulted in the housing debacle; and a usurpation of the constitutional rights that our leadership is mandated to protect.
Such liberals would prefer that Washingtonians be armed with fallacious reasoning rather than a fully loaded firearm.
This fallacious reasoning relieves those who employ it of actually answering their opponents' arguments, but it has a downside: It can also be used to weed just about anyone out of any debate.
While reviewers can be expected to identify suspect experimental results and ferret out fallacious reasoning, the forensic detection of outright fraud is generally beyond the scope of the review process.
Thierer and Crews perform a terrific service in tying together their theme for various disparate industries and in showing how the fallacious reasoning that underlies this type of regulation manifests itself in different circumstances.
As for inferring from the error that the standard practice of translation should be replaced by bilingual editions, this is clearly fallacious reasoning.