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citizens living near the border with Mexico have fallen prey to agents of Mexican drug cartels.
Eyup is the second Turkish engineer to be killed this year, where road engineers have fallen prey to bandits and to Taliban militants opposed to the central government's reconstruction efforts.
Navarre could have fallen prey to the critics that have lambasted him for his inability to win big games, his 0-6 record against ranked opponents on the road and a potential third loss in four weeks for a Michigan team many expected to win the Big Ten Conference.
On Monday, police said a French national had also fallen prey to the robbers.
Lock all doors Lock all windows Do not stop On match days keep a lookout for gangs standing by crossings or bus stops on Scotty Do not have anything on show in the car Do not get out of your car I would like people who have fallen prey to these vultures to let you know if I am telling the truth.