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They seemed to be falling right into the middle of a big city which had many tall buildings with glass domes and sharp-pointed spires.
I have nine lives," said the kitten, purring softly as it walked around in a circle and then came back to the roof; "but I can't lose even one of them by falling in this country, because I really couldn't manage to fall if I wanted to.
There were houses on the other side of the river on fire, and scarcely a moment passed without the crash of a falling bomb.
The shouting voices, apparently from the falling clouds, voices unfamiliar and guttural, warned him of what was coming.
With them, being tree-dwellers, the liability of falling was an ever-present menace.
It will be noted, in passing, that in this falling dream which is so familiar to you and me and all of us, we never strike bottom.
We never have this sense of falling when we are wide awake.
A man, with a preposterously wicked face, his right hand pressed dramatically to his heart, was falling backward to the floor.
Just like a whole set of fire- irons falling into the fender
Another Rule of Battle, that Alice had not noticed, seemed to be that they always fell on their heads, and the battle ended with their both falling off in this way, side by side: when they got up again, they shook hands, and then the Red Knight mounted and galloped off.
But I've got a plan for keeping it from FALLING off.
In falling asleep, however, Zarathustra spake thus to his heart: