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This matters for manufacturing and for the UK because manufacturers are increasingly concerned about falling behind competitors.
Alarms about the United States falling behind other countries in terms of technology innovation stretch back to the end of World War II.
Ten-man Binos departed Recreation Park with the three points despite falling behind after only a minute.
Navy, Microsoft Corporation, Nortel Networks, among others, The Human Factor is an amazing insight into how the effects of technology are become so complex, so fast that humanity itself is falling behind in its ability to wrestle with the latest discoveries and gadgets, with sometimes catastrophic results.
Third, specialty board preparation can be built into academic programs already functioning at the home institution, as opposed to private practice situations where one must actually leave the office setting to travel for CME and board preparation--stay current or accept that you are falling behind.
In the international competition to have the biggest and best supply of knowledge workers, America is falling behind.
Her confidence and swagger bump up against a new boy who is as smart as she is, and attractive--oh, and she starts falling behind in trigonometry and has to ask for help from an acquaintance: that hurts.
They began falling behind in rent payments, and their water and phone services were cut off.
GERMANY hit back after falling behind in their vital World Cup play-off first leg against the Ukraine in Kiev last night.
Middle-class Americans began to experience themselves falling behind as their slow-growing wages and salaries lagged behind those of the groups above them.