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Through it's Active System Hardening technology Qwik-Fix Pro safeguards PCs and networks from falling victim to the next worm or virus before vendor security patches become available, avoiding the typical scramble to test and deploy patches.
Holidaymakers have been warned to beware of falling victim to online fraud.
A NEW campaign has been launched to help prevent older people from falling victim to e-mail, telephone and postal scams.
Findings revealed 78% of Americans feel vulnerable to tax scams and 57% do not know how to prevent or protect themselves from falling victim.
The United States Embassy in Nassau has again warned Americans living in and traveling to The Bahamas to be on "heightened alert" and "review their personal security plans" to avoid falling victim to crime, reports the Nassau Guardian (March 31, 2014).
But 1,325 fewer people falling victim to anti-social behaviour, a 23.
AN ELDERLY man was conned out of PS800 after falling victim to a telephone scam.
Several people are falling victim to dog-bite due to the negligence of respective staff of TMA Rawal Town, said Ahmad Ali, an ageing person.
A major international insurer on Wednesday launched a new product which promises to cover businesses in the event of them falling victim to a cyber-attack.