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Despite the same setting and same essential plot elements as the Gossip Girl books, Minter's book falls flat by comparison.
In this sense, the book falls flat, though oftentimes, quite gracefully.
Going for scabrous comedy, he falls flat, as when he clumsily undertook the eminently reasonable idea of giving Manet's Olympia a race reversal, or when, apropos of nothing, he named his 1964 takeoff on David's portrait of Napoleon in the National Gallery The Greatest Homosexual.
David Aers attempt to problematize traditional period divisions -- medieval, early-modern, modern -- by linking Chaucer, Milton, and Freud as dream interpreters falls flat, in part because his argument depends on the anachronistic suggestion that Chaucer and Milton are presenting their literary renditions of dream interpretation as something akin to Freudian case-studies.
She falls flat on her bum and somehow, instead of giggling, everyone's saying, "Wow, hasn't she got great legs?