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As insightful and enlightening as Boys' interview is, on one point it goes a tad too far; on another it falls short.
PC WEEK Lab's reality check on Microsoft's top ten claims reveals that Windows 95 "comes close in some areas and falls short in others compared with Microsoft's own sales pitch for the product.
City government's new Office of Immigrant Affairs will be ``analyzing where the city falls short to immigrants and developing a plan,'' a city councilman's spokesman said.
Although there is a risk that the tourism fund will not always adequately cover debt service, Fitch believes that the city has enough financial flexibility in its roughly $350 million general fund to subsidize installment payments if the tourism fund falls short.
Even if the department falls short of meeting technical goals, Bratton said he hopes the court rules the LAPD is in compliance if there's evidence the department is close to meeting the goals.
The result falls short of industry analysts' target, which is approximately 3,000 Bcf of gas in storage by Nov.