false appearance

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It was an immeasurable and composite funk, which from its very excess gave him in the dark a false appearance of calm and thoughtful deliberation.
At Mendoza, on the eastern foot of the Andes, the climate is said to be subject to long calms, and to frequent though false appearances of gathering rain-storms: we may imagine that the wind, which coming from the eastward is thus banked up by the line of mountains, would become stagnant and irregular in its movements.
She could only accept the false appearances that surrounded her in the disguise of truth.
In an attack on the media and BBC, he rants: "The corporate controlled (including the BBC) lower middle class, collusive, servile media generate a false appearance of democracy and free speech, in a now spineless population constantly asking, 'am I allowed to say (this and that)?
After years of sporadic depression and anger, I began to chip away at the artificial exterior society helped me build: a false appearance, a false gender identity, a false sense of self.
ASIC s investigation found that during his time at the bank Mr Nambiar entered more than 100 fictitious trading entries including off-market trades that created the false appearance of profit.
An unusual spike in obesity among these children in 2003 created the false appearance of a later decline, they concluded, so comparing 2012 to 1999 gave a truer view of the trends.
Accusing Erdoy-an of having easily forgotten that he had prayed for US soldiers in Iraq or had served as co-chairman on bloody global projects, the opposition party leader demanded to know for how long religious scholars and academics will remain silent while the prime minister cheats people with a false appearance of Islam.
Doing business as Platinum Trust Card and Express Platinum Card, they operate in the Philadelphia area, but they engage in a variety of ruses to create the false appearance that they are based in Utah and Nevada.
In several cases the Welsh channels are being placed above English ones on the programme list, which can give the false appearance they are replacing them.
All of the bottles showed the brand Granton and had labels stuck on them, giving the false appearance excise duty has been paid when in reality it hadn't.
In the event that these photographs do exist, and it is not admitted, any such images may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client.