false information

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I mentally resolved to bring an action against Baedeker for false information.
Suppose a person in a position of trust," went on the priest, "began to give the enemy information because it was false information.
It is Intermatic's intention to file additional complaints against any Taymac agents who have initiated the same or similar communication of false information regarding the UL listing status of Intermatic products.
MTI further alleges that Internet disseminated false information to MTI customers and prospective customers damaging MTI's reputation and its ability to sell its products.
According to the complaint, individuals formerly employed at the call center used their positions as customer service agents to create subscription accounts with false information, activated access cards and linked them to legitimate existing accounts by misrepresenting the identity and the relationship of the person using the card and the location of the cards activated by the defendant.
Those applications reportedly contained false information about physical handicaps, the signature of a non-existent doctor, a fake medical license number and an address at the Los Angeles Medical Center.
SPACEHAB's claim specifies the following four areas of negligence by NASA that led to the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the Company's RDM: (i) NASA personnel negligently provided NASA decision-makers with false information that obscured the risks to STS-107 and the RDM, (ii) NASA negligently violated its own rules on foam shedding when compliance with those rules would have prevented the accident, (iii) NASA created organizational barriers that prevented effective communication and analysis of critical safety information and thereby caused the accident, and (iv) NASA negligently failed to comply with accepted engineering standards and thereby caused the destruction of the RDM.
Efrain Frias, 27, is wanted on suspicion of drug possession and giving false information to a police officer.
OB), a Nevada corporation, updates its shareholders on recent developments and corrects false information and claims from third party dissidents.
It is already a misdemeanor to give false information to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
The six-count suits include allegations of false information negligently supplied for the guidance of others, outrageous conduct causing severe emotional distress, fraud and violation of Florida's "Blue Sky Laws," which entitle a buyer to damages if a seller is untruthful in giving investment advice.
Offenses for which the eight were arrested included possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics for sale, giving false information to a peace officer, possession of a dangerous and concealed weapon and curfew violations.