false reasoning

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that is, of the schools), resulting from false reasoning.
I will defend her memory by no false reasoning -- I will only speak the truth.
Necessity, especially in politics, often occasions false hopes, false reasonings, and a system of measures correspondingly erroneous.
PARALOGISM A False reasoning B Mathematics of parallels C On military lines who am I?
A false reasoning is always put forth in the form of the question: can we actually dialogue with a terrorist group?
The long and tangled thread of false reasoning on which the twin notions of race and white superiority have been connected are ably traced in this work, which guides the reader on a tour of the concepts from ancient Greece to the early 21st century.
It would still be false reasoning based more on racial prejudice than real empirical proof.
Rather than demand that Catholic prime ministers examine their consciences and reject Trudeau's false reasoning and flawed theology, they seem to have been cowed into silence by the power and persuasion of Catholics in the highest office.
Sorry, but that is false reasoning for if the new technology offers that much improvement in quality and operation there should be no impediments.
And from the seventeenth century forward--through legal reinterpretation, false reasoning, and bad historical scholarship--the Magna Carta became a convenient pretext on which to justify a number of truly revolutionary, latter-day ideas about constitutional guarantees of individual liberty.
In an interview, he accused the Air Force of false reasoning, selective use of data and lying.
Under that false reasoning, all repairs would be capital expenditures and the TAM'S conclusion is a manifestation of that fallacy.