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According to Popper, a falsifiable hypothesis is a conjecture that can--in principle--be refuted.
Instead of restricting scientific advice to falsifiable statements, elite committees could make recommendations of what ought to be done.
whether a theoretical hypothesis, such as the monoamine hypothesis, is falsifiable and thus scientific;
A theory becomes scientific when it is specific enough to be falsifiable and when it covers specified events observable in time and space.
Alternatively, they may wish to simplify and narrow their line of inquiry to construct a single falsifiable hypothesis.
Gotham argues that string theorists "have indicated various ways in which [string theory] is testable and falsifiable," even if these tests are not currently performable, but that intelligent design can be made to fit with any facts whatsoever and is therefore not testable even in principle.
He is caught in socio-biology's problem of not being falsifiable.
It has no testable, falsifiable hypotheses and so is not science.
Those claims aside, the most worrisome aspect of the book is the ideology behind those easily falsifiable claims.
The fact that intelligent design is at this point not falsifiable and therefore not provable does not negate the fundamental premise of the theory.
In other words, the statement that a particular act would be harmful is not falsifiable.
Treat would have us believe, the God hypothesis is both testable and falsifiable.