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Prosecutors, jointly with officials of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, are set to raid Seibu Railway group offices later this week over the falsification of official financial reports about equity ownership, investigative sources said Tuesday.
The NII report says Taylor is believed to have told the Japanese authorities in good faith that the falsification of data did not involve the MOX fuel bound for Japan, according to the paper.
The report said it was not possible to establish a motive for the falsifications but the tedium of manually checking fuel pellets and the ease with which the computer data logging system could be manipulated were seen to be contributory factors.
In the fiscal 2004 earnings falsification, Nikko Cordial used a derivative scheme, which resulted in a profit at Nikko Principal and the same amount of loss at its special purpose company.
The falsification was designed to enable the railway operator to circumvent a Tokyo Stock Exchange rule that a firm be delisted if the combined stake of its top 10 shareholders exceeds 80 percent for more than one year.
Toshiba said an employee admitted to tweaking data in two additional thermal power plants but it did not disclose which plants they were as it could not substantiate the falsification.
74 billion yen in compensation to 16 institutional investors for investment losses incurred due to the falsification of financial reports by the railroad firm.
which undertook inspections that led to the falsification, said the same day it will reduce the pay of its president and three others, as well as one at an affiliated firm.
The maximum on each of the unsworn falsification counts is two years and $5,000.
The claim by Alner Bran, 25, alleges falsification of evidence, unlawful search and seizure, false arrest, battery and malicious prosecution in connection with his arrest on suspicion of resisting arrest.
Is it not clear that many police officers in the division were aware of theft and falsification of evidence and of the giving of untrue accounts of arrest circumstances, as well as other gross cover-ups?
A senior British energy official on Monday apologized to Japan's Natural Resources and Energy Agency chief Hirobumi Kawano for the falsification of data on plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel shipped to Japan, agency officials said.