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Hypothesis 2: Consumers are more likely to make a falsity inference about scarcity when decision reversibility is low, compared to when it is high.
The next two examples of truth & falsity favourite respectively of two given SVNS:
These allegations explicitly plead that PeopleKeys knowingly published material with knowledge of its falsity and Westerfield properly relied upon this exclusion provision in denying coverage to PeopleKeys.
True falsity acts as a sort of perpetual revolution with no reachable utopia.
More general is the Neutrosophic Logic [Smarandache, 1995], where the truth (T) and the falsity (F) and the indeterminacy (1) can be any numbers in [0, 1], then 0 [less than or equal to] T + I + F [less than or equal to] 3.
We have seen that groundingfacts must include non-alethic facts, that is, facts that have nothing to do with truth and falsity of sentences or propositions, like the fact that snow is white.
To establish the contemporaneous falsity of these statements, staff introduced copies of the universal lease and the servicing agreement.
Geagea said, "The victory that has been achieved is not just a victory for the students, but against the backdrop of allegations from the other side [these] victories in the student elections show the falsity of their claims.
Its truth links to its falsity and its falsity links to its truth.
Anyone who really knows the huge investment the Church has made down the ages in terms of personal dedication by its scholars to the pursuit of truth will realise the hollowness and falsity of D Mitchell's cheap jibe about beatification and miracles.
Yesterday, Munich's Institute of Contemporary History vowed to publish a version with notes highlighting "the falsity of much of what he wrote".
SIR - When Peter Hain and Cheryl Gillan pontificate about their policies for Wales, do they realise how it calls attention to the falsity of their position?