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A biography of Falter on the Saturday Evening Post website notes: "His works, much like those of Norman Rockwell, are simple observations of everyday American life which may have otherwise gone unnoticed if not picked apart by a skilled artist.
Mr Falter added: "In a very British way Britons have been rejecting prejudice.
Falter said an update of the Cornwall Avenue location was overdue, but the cinema couldn't afford to shut down long enough to change out the seats and revamp until the new theater was up and running.
Advice from a meditation teacher for those who may be starting to falter in their New Year's resolutions or for those already gearing up for their lenten ones:
This is no time to turn the clock back, no time to coast, no time to falter with the job only half done.
The best-laid plans can falter, and the huge disappointment of having to bail mid-race is something many first-time marathoners confront.
A visually sumptuous, stylishly rendered period piece, the thematic rea ch of Remembrance occasionally exceeds its grasp, especially when the Alfred / Aurora relationship begins to falter.
We were struck with the letter about John Falter from Ora Gilligan Rooney in the Sept.
Thus, Fairbairn and Jurgen Falter, analyzing voting shifts among political part blocs in the Kaiserreich and Weimar respectively, deploy statistical analysis and quantitative methods to wring social characteristics and political attitude from data on voting behavior.
Tenders are invited for Extension schoolhouse Falter, community Oberwil-Lieli
BOSS Tommy Lawson has turned the heat up on the early pace-setters saying many of them are likely to falter before long.