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The clouds scarce dim the water's sheen, The moon-bathed islands wanly show, And sweet words falter to and fro -- Though the great River rolls between.
But Thistle had gained strength and courage in his wanderings, and did not falter now, when they led bim to a place among the coral-workers, and told him he must labor here, till the spreading branches reached the light and air, through the waves that danced above.
Far happier than her Lady, as her Lady has often thought, why does she falter in this manner and look at her with such strange mistrust?
But strangely enough I did not falter in my allegiance to him, or realize that here in this free form was a deliverance, if I liked, from the fetters and manacles which I had been at so much pains to fit myself with.
Perhaps I did not; I may only have been listening for it, but I falter and look up.
But alas Unc Nunkie was now a marble statue in the house of the Crooked Magician and Ojo must not falter in his efforts to save him.
We entered the accursed chambers and still we did not falter.
Did I falter in my resolution to marry her, now that I had discovered what the obstacle was which had made mystery and wretchedness between us?
She again raised her eyes to mine, with a look that did not falter.
Neither relations nor friends shall prevail on me to falter and fail in my husband's cause.
At those last words her voice--quiet and even through the earlier part of her sad story--began to falter once more.
To put him,' said Madame Mantalini, looking at Ralph, and prudently abstaining from the slightest glance at her husband, lest his many graces should induce her to falter in her resolution, 'to put him upon a fixed allowance; and I say that if he has a hundred and twenty pounds a year for his clothes and pocket-money, he may consider himself a very fortunate man.