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He faltered, and then became motion- less, save for his quivering knees.
So I expressed myself enthusiastically on the subject and never faltered.
faltered the poor old man, as he sank, half-fainting, at my Lady's feet.
Cecil has a very high standard for people," faltered Lucy, seeing trouble ahead.
Her voice faltered, and her eyes were turned to the ground as she mentioned his name.
his voice faltered, and he gave way to an old man's sob.
Several times she made little darts, as if at last resolved to escape from that detestable street, and faltered and returned like a bird to the weasel.
But I wasn't quite well at the time," Monty faltered.
Because - " He faltered as the whole vast field of literature and the history of literature stirred in his brain and pointed the futility of his attempting to convey to her the reasons for his faith.
There is a reason for this--" Cecilia's voice faltered.
Who are you," he faltered, "and why do you come here?
Her voice faltered a little for the first time as it pronounced those words; she waited a moment, and recovered herself.