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He would often try to incorporate local people into the paintings to make them feel like they were a part of it," said Dobie Falter Haws, Falters cousin and curator of the Falter Museum in Falls City, Nebraska.
But when three college women are brutally murdered by a serial killer whose signature consists of leaving Catholic artifacts on the bodies of his victims, Dantzler's reputation falters.
The production falters with its less-than-satisfying final scene, but that is certainly not the fault of an outstanding four-member ensemble.
Jasper pointed out in his onsite report from the recent FTAA summit in Miami (see "FTAA Falters on Road to 2005" in our December 15 issue), the pact's promoters have "hit some snags.
Activity is projected to remain subdued well into the first half of next year, with external demand expected to continue to slump, while household consumption could slow sharply as confidence falters.
He also loves character, but where he falters is in abbreviating action and making metaphor (in this case, the garden) vital.
This stands to reason: if the devotion to the holiest of mothers falters, motherhood itself falters, motherhood itself is on the line.
Only two of IUE's devices still operate; a highly accurate sun sensor on the craft takes the place of the third gyroscope normally needed to control motion, Hoffman says, and a star tracker could likely substitute if another IUE gyro falters.
growth falters as production from new mines comes on stream in concert with previously curtailed production.
6% in April, which is the lowest level since the euro was introduced in 1999, and the data continues to reinforce a weakening outlook for price growth as economic activity falters.
If that river of money falters or dries up, the difference must be made up by an inexorable fall in the value of the U.