familiar way

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References in classic literature ?
After a while I recognized the familiar way to Saint Albans.
In fact, the authors are able to speak to students in a clear, familiar way without seeming to patronize.
The Walking Dead" executive producer, special effects maestro and director Greg Nicotero talked to Yahoo TV and mentioned that "The Walking Dead" Season 5 will be based on the comic book in "original yet familiar ways.
As I close my eyes and memorise your all to familiar ways, my memories keep me near you on the sad and lonely days, all my love forever Mam.
Americans may say they want leaner, more efficient government, but they are notoriously reluctant to give up the services they have and to change the familiar ways that those services are delivered.
Literature' used to represent, for me, the still quiet centre of the English curriculum around which the other aspects demanded attention--often requiring experimental expeditions into the study of film, newsprint, non-fiction texts and perhaps a more hard-nosed approach to 'Language' in general or particular, but always with the promise of returning 'home' to the comfort of a good book containing narrative or poetry which played on the ear and emotions in familiar ways.
Remember above all else, in brutal economic times the familiar ways may not work.
Indeed, several of the essays cover familiar terrain in familiar ways.
This essay's first claim is that the familiar ways of articulating these views result in there being no substantive disagreement at all between the three parties.
The sun never sets on Queen Victoria's empire, and history as we know it plays out in familiar ways.
Someone to whom to cry for deliverance when familiar ways are capsizing,
8 among Test nations, slipped back into their familiar ways as they threw away wickets and the chance to really push the world's No.