familiar way

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In fact, the authors are able to speak to students in a clear, familiar way without seeming to patronize.
If you mention house guests or dinner plans, it responds in remarkably precise and familiar ways.
Ross said that, too often, financial professionals fall back on the old familiar ways of conducting business.
Perhaps a less provocative description would be something like "anthropic computing," abroad moniker that could encompass efforts to design biologically inspired computer systems, machines that mimic the human form or abilities, and programs that interact with people in natural, familiar ways.
In the area of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, IBM inventors developed new technologies that can help machines learn, reason, and efficiently process diverse data types while interacting with people in natural and familiar ways.
To put this another way, Noir nonfiction runs afoul of customary norms of reportage or history writing because it constructs a rival storytelling universe that contests more familiar ways of thinking about evidence, causality, and power.
As soon as Manny hits him and hurts him, Floyd will revert to his old, familiar ways, said Fortune, who believes Pacquiao will eventually win by knockout if he adheres to Roach's fight plan.
The Walking Dead" executive producer, special effects maestro and director Greg Nicotero talked to Yahoo TV and mentioned that "The Walking Dead" Season 5 will be based on the comic book in "original yet familiar ways.
Despite a surprising lack of sex given the heady setting, some sweet romances bloom, even as familiar ways die.
Sport, rather, is a terrain of social struggle, a landscape upon which class conflict plays out in both odd and familiar ways, gender norms and identities are shaped and subverted, heteronormativity, racism and the politics of empire are open to contestation.
Ayckbourn delights in transcribing human behavior with ostensibly odd technique that somehow resonates in surprisingly familiar ways, and to a large degree Pasture Prime Players succeeded in giving Friday evening's audience a fine taste of Ayckbourn's anthropological brand of theater.
Plato's world consists of familiar activities conducted in familiar ways.