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Following the warm-up, a 10-min familiarization session was administered as follows; (a) participants were supervised to use only toe clips (pedal belts) as they pedalled for 2-min, (b) they pedalled without the toe clips for 2-min, (c) they hiked one pedal up using toe clips as they pushed the contra-lateral pedal down for 2-min, (d) and conversely, they focused to hike up the other pedal using toe clips, while they pushed the contra-lateral pedal down for 2-min, and finally (e) they were supervised to use all techniques synchronously over the last 2min.
At this level, leadership should attend at least a one-day familiarization class.
The period of time between the marksmanship, safety, and weapons familiarization training and live-fire qualification should not exceed 30 days.
face, head, torso) were occluded by gray construction paper and tested with a novel cat exemplar versus a dog exemplar, each having its body parts occluded to resemble the occluded familiarization stimuli.
These scenarios are primers only, but afford the reader with an opportunity for familiarization by hands-on interaction.
The lengthy transfer process would be eliminated, as would the time required for such detailed familiarization by the AO.
It takes a modicum of planning, talking with people, and familiarization - just like any other investment a prudent person makes.
The five-day familiarization tour for foreign journalists organized by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila in May concluded with a quick trip to the Seoul Sky.
Recently, Beijing Haozhou Aviation, the operator of regular charter from Beijing to Kalibo via Cebu Pacific, through the Department of Tourism Beijing, Tourism Promotions Board and DOT-6 hosted a familiarization tour to Boracay Island for Chinese agents from Northern China in three batches.
Gulf Air recently gave a number of prominent Muscat-based travel agents and tour operators the opportunity to Istanbul with a familiarization trip jointly hosted by the airline and Oman United Agency Holidays.
ISLAMABAD -- Under the auspices of Pakistan Air Force, a group of teachers and students from Baluchistan province arrived at PAF Base Nur Khan (Rawalpindi) on a familiarization visit to different PAF educational institutions today.