familiarize oneself

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Gates stressed the importance of a sound college education, calling it a chance to "explore and familiarize oneself with the world" in order to make a huge difference.
one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Red Sea and its picturesque settings and familiarize oneself with its culinary team as it prepares varied and authentic cuisine at purpose-built live stations.
Start with non-core systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR) and e-mail to familiarize oneself with the cloud and gradually expand it to business critical systems.
Perhaps once only a symbolic number, in the case of Huang Tingjian and some of his contemporaries, Wang argues, there may have been pressure to actually familiarize oneself with and utilize ten thousand examples--or books --with possible allusions to include when composing poems that were nonetheless expected to appear spontaneous.
It is important to familiarize oneself with the local custom because what may be viewed as culturally savvy in one culture often becomes a cultural faux pas in another culture.
To familiarize oneself with Horsnell's database in order to exploit all its possibilities, it is necessary to read the working instructions, which are rather complicated and might have been written in a more accessible fashion.
Written in plain terms, Building and Preserving Your Wealth spells out the advantages and disadvantages of financial choices available today, and is especially recommended as a primer to familiarize oneself with money matter basics before visiting a professional who charges costly hourly fees for his or her time.
Here one can familiarize oneself with Pole's various contacts.
Mark Francis, an outstanding liturgical scholar, pointed out long ago that the best way to proceed in liturgical renewal in the spirit of Vatican II is to approach the peoples' devotional life with a positive attitude and familiarize oneself with it as completely as possible well before promoting any changes.
One needs to familiarize oneself fully with the structure of the work to navigate the materials easily and quickly.
The value of this video document far outweighs the foibles of taping during live performance: low lighting levels that make figures indistinct, and unclear diction at times (the viewer is advised to read the accompanying facsimile edition of the libretto before viewing to familiarize oneself with plot and language).
It is important to familiarize oneself with the ins and outs of a surgical procedure before going under the knife.