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The guest also familiarized himself with the centers of the mosque, such as the Islamic Sciences Institute, the library, lecture halls and various utilities.
He was accompanied by member of Catalonia province, Joan Laporta, to tour the associated exhibition being held on the sideline of the MWC 2014 to get familiarized with the latest production of communication companies.
The initial filing took a disproportionate amount of time as we familiarized ourselves with the tagging software, the tagging process and filing issues," he says, adding that "subsequent filings have gone much more expeditiously.
Photo: (Color) The purpose of Amy Williams' trip was to get high school seniors and college freshmen familiarized with the medical field.
This plant has enabled Sasol Solvents to become the dominant ethyl acetate supplier in South Africa and to become familiarized with the marketing and logistics of ethyl acetate.
He toured various utilities of the mosque and familiarized himself with Omani and Islamic unique designs.
Aside from philanthropy, Hidalgo said Metrolink's other reason for the events is to get the community familiarized with the location of the stations and the trains.
Once he has familiarized himself with the Company, he will be eminently qualified to assume the Chief Executive Officer's role as well.
During the visit, Zulkifli was briefed on the history of the mosque's building and familiarized himself on the models of the Omani and Islamic architecture and its unique architectural style.
During the visit, the President of the Comoros familiarized himself with the utilities of the school, such as the learning resources centre and labs.
He also familiarized himself with the major role being carried out by the mosque in conveying the tolerant image of Islam.
The guest familiarized himself with the designs of the mosque that combine various Omani and Islamic architecture designs.