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The exhibition's organizing agencies seek to promote awareness among the SMEs on the necessity of familiarizing with the value and importance of risks management.
The workshop aims at opening channels for communication between the businessmen and the governmental officials, as well as supporting the businessmen by training and qualifying them in the field of commerce and industry according to the latest methods, in addition to exchanging the expertise locally and externally through the external visits of the members of the programme and familiarizing the participants with the real goals of the process of enhancing the employees' performance, besides familiarizing with the Japanese experience in the management, development and quality applications in raising the productivity in the factories.
The meeting also touched on major strategies being pursued by PAIPED within the framework of attracting investors and familiarizing them with the quality of services, support and trade facilities that can be provided for foreign investor.
Kathleen Ridolfo, SQCC Executive Director added that SQCC in Washington organized recently a workshop for the American children, which aimed at familiarizing them with the Omani traditions and customs, as well as introducing them to the Omani traditional industries, such as the pottery, which includes Magmar (Frankincense bowl).
The visit aims at familiarizing students with the academic system followed by the Applied Sciences Colleges.
Today, the workshop discussed the status quo in the Sultanate especially to what is related to the environment conservation and the enforced laws and systems through working papers presented by local and international experts and academicians, in addition to familiarizing with expertise and experiences of local and international research institutions and centres among other major topics.
The programme will include a number of lessons, theoretical and practical applications that rehabilitate the trainees with the necessary skills for producing and designing different brass products through highlighting the importance of brass industries and how far they are economically and socially linked with different categories of the society, in addition to familiarizing with equipments of melting, sorting, drawing and welding, as well as tools and equipment of engraving, molding, decorating, polishing and coloring.
Muscat, July 3 (ONA) A workshop on familiarizing with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the two attached protocols was concluded in the Royal Oman Police (ROP) Hospital today under the auspices of Brig.
The seminar included a lecture titled "Invention Patents, Utility models in the Sultanate and its Future Plan," which touched on the intellectual property, its divisions, familiarizing with conventions related to inventions patents, the protection quality availed by the patent to protect inventor rights, in addition to acquainting with conditions of granting the invention patent, future plan of the invention patents and the utility models in the Sultanate.
The second lecture titled "Trademarks and the Author's Right," dealt with the rights of the author and how to protect them, besides familiarizing with the trademark and how to register and protect it.