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Judas and Jesus appear to be close friends as their heads touch and Judas familiarly rests a hand on Jesus.
The Richard Burton Diaries Edited by Chris Williams (Yale University Press, PS25) In his personal diaries Richard Burton is a man quite different from the one we familiarly recognise as acclaimed actor, international film star, and jet-set celebrity.
Born on 12 December 1947, Mr Purryag, familiarly known as Kailash Purryag, became an Attorney at Law in 1973 and was elected to the Legislative Assembly for the first time in 1976.
Bite size depends on the familiarly and texture of food.
The premise of the work is a delightful mix of familiar themes, including (as they are most familiarly known) Bach's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," and Mouret's "Rondeau.
The sector - familiarly known as KPO - "is the next wave of global sourcing for India", Som Mittal, head of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) told an industry conference last week.
Offering a refreshingly different perspective on the familiarly grim Northern kitchen sink theatre of flat caps, black pudding and gloom, The Historians is a hilarious, moving and honest exploration of female friendship.
Although LPG would be the fuel for the future but the people in Pakistan do not have much familiarly with it so far.
Out of one machine steps the familiarly lofty figure of David Pipe, with Tom Scudamore at his side.
Contingent capital bonds familiarly referred to as CoCos, are being lauded by regulators as a new and crucial financial instrument that
Known familiarly within the RNLI as 'JJ' he is well-known for charity marathon running in aid of the lifeboats.