family abode

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The abuse includes any act or series of acts committed by any person against a senior citizen, within or without the family abode, which result or is likely to result in physical or psychological harm, suffering or distress, or neglect including threats of such acts, battery, physical assault, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty.
THIS versatile property has come to the market and offers any potential purchasers the chance to utilise the property either as a spacious family abode, or the opportunity to maybe run a business from home.
He, of course, needed to protect the family abode from two very persistent burglars in the blockbuster movie series Home Alone.
They also took some earth from here as a mark of sanctity and love for their past family abode,' said Mr Rahim.
2, which remained the family abode during the remainder of his life.
Austria's obsessive meticulousness was evident: The detail of the woven baskets was executed in tompe l'oeil style, and the rich depiction of the bull cart, which functioned as both family abode and travelling goods store, would result in an art of cornucopia and claustrophobia.
Jessie was raised elsewhere in town by her aunt, and so this return to the family abode is not exactly a homecoming.
Casey, the middle-child slash good-girl is fraying along the edges and Tess, a quirky kindergartner, has installed an imaginary playmate in the family abode.
HOUSEHUNTERS looking for a spacious family abode should pay a visit to Jones Homes' luxury Heathlands development, in Widnes, where two spacious, four-bedroom, detached properties are nearing completion.
Travers is a frosty and frigid middle-aged woman who resides in a picturesque Chelsea terrace house that immediately recalls the Banks family abode from Mary Poppins.
Meanwhile, Sam and Ria try to update their well-worn family abode.
In short, it's the nerve centre - the hub - of a family abode.