family circle

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Joseph's perception that the Family Circle article was unfair to the district.
Family Circle had a humility lacking in today's glossier, more self-conscious publications.
For Family Circle, the redesign needed to preserve the essence of what the magazine stands for and to present an updated image to embrace a new generation of readers.
In influential venues as diverse as The American Scholar and Family Circle, he anticipated, in what might charitably be called comic book prose, much that is taken for granted among contemporary scholars of cultural studies.
The success of the Family Circle Plus alternate monthly one-shot series has prompted IPC Southbank to launch a second umbrella brand -- Essentials Extra which will appear on the news stands this month.
Many of Ozanam's activities and special events are made possible by the Family Circle members," says Gindi.
The sections on "Social Contexts" and "Personal Contexts" provide a number of highly useful and sometimes thought-provoking discussions of gender roles in early modern Jacobean society, in Wroth's own family circle, and in her romance, making particular note of the high value which Wroth placed on female friendship in the Urania, as well as in the relationships of her later years.
If it's your birthday this weekend, get ready for some lavish entertaining and an increase in numbers around the family circle over the next year
Jacksonville is the subject of a special report, "Toxic Nightmare on Main Street," by Stephanie Abarbanel, published in Family Circle Aug.
Discussion is One of Four in Nationwide Series from PHA and Family Circle Magazine
INDIANAPOLIS, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Marian University inducted Hulman & Company CEO Mark Miles and Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano into its Clayton Family Circle of Honor during a fundraiser dinner last night at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Cylch Teulu/ Family Circle is a new voluntary club which has been opened in Anglesey by two parents from Amlwch, who both have a child with a severe disability.