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However, each family name is divided into one or more clans and in order to identify a person's family name, the identification of the clan is needed.
On their official website, it stated that a "proclamation on the Royal Family name [.
I am therefore asking if anyone reading this paper remembers any relative or friend who had the family name of Ditchburn and was also connected to this church.
When the IDs of five of them were checked, it showed that they had Maute for family names,' Logan said.
They are hoping a final plea prior to the burial could see Sion being laid to rest with his family name.
Is it compulsory for my family name to be on the name badge?
Before World War I, the family name of the English royal family was "Saxe Coburg Gotha" indicating their Germanic origin.
The Israelis did not recognize this undisputed truth and insisted that the family name of the mother did not match up with the prisoner's name," said Amani Srahna, an official at the Palestinian Prisoner Club told Gulf News.
I read that this word in Hebrew means 'God's Gift', which is also the meaning of the Arab family name 'Atallah, found in many Arab countries.
When you were born, you inherited an heirloom - your family name, first given to an ancestor up to 1,000 years ago.
IT SEEMS G Bryant shares the Sutton Cold-field Conservatives' infantile amusement in mocking my family name ('What a lot of Poppycock', Letters, May 20).
Islam allows a family to give an orphan everything from financial support and care, all but the family name," said Sheikh Saber Taalab, former member of the Islamic Research Center.