family tie

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While we do not expect dispositional differences in the regulatory foci of family and nonfamily CEOs, we do expect them to adopt different goal orientations due to the triggering effect of the presence or absence of a family tie with the firm-controlling family.
Though Beasley has no personal relationship with Falwell--"It's not like we've sat down and had lunch together and talked about world peace or whatever"--the two have a close family tie.
Her novel is not about suicide but about friendship, loyalty, family tie and estrangement in global communities.
It introduces a novel perspective on internal migration and immobility, which focuses on the role of family outside the household in deciding on whether and where to relocate, and which takes into account contemporary family complexity: the family ties perspective.
It has the deleterious, albeit unintended, effect of breaking up or forcing the liquidation of the family home, a revered institution of Philippine society to which are anchored the close family ties that are the very foundation of Filipino culture.
For Jesus, family ties are established by acting on the word of God.
Family ties are an important conduit of resources for entrepreneurs, but both positive and negative outcomes can arise.
As a matter of fact, drugs lead to total destruction of health, wealth and spoil social relations and family ties vehemently.
As we close the old year and open a new one, Team Family Ties would like to thank all of you who have donated in some way to our efforts in finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.
The Chelsea midfielder began his career under the guidance of Redknapp at West Ham, but their close family ties caused problems then that Lampard feared could resurface with England.
Sessions 1 through 4 provide the family with an introduction to Family TIES, discuss social skills, prepare parents for role playing, teach the skill of making constructive complaints, and explain how to negotiate.
The words and images in Poetry, Pictures & Family Ties offer a much-needed dose of encouragement and hope and are presented to touch the heart and renew the spirit: