family unit

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In additional, involvement of the family can also encourage maintenance of the family unit which is important in Mexican American culture.
His aims and objectives are to put a cultural, spiritual and economical movement among black people and to bring back the lost cohesiveness of the once strong black family unit into the forefront of our lives.
At VIDA, Carter said, the goal is to fortify family units by teaching them communication and forgiveness.
They feel their lives are over because the family unit as they knew it has ended.
Since 1968, Sheridan House has provided children and families with services that promote the stability of the family unit.
Not only is she taking the responsibility off the adults of the individual family unit, but she's holding gays responsible for the quality of those families; an incredibly fashionable scapegoat thing to do.
The families "clearly provide a strong family unit to the children placed with them.
The result has been a significant weakening of the primary building block of our nation, the family unit.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Aginelo productions announcesRomeo Misses a Payment , a powerful independent film chronicling the fall out of divorce and the decline of the family unit in America, opening Friday, December 13 at The AMC Magic Harlem Theater in NYC, and Regent Theater in Los Angeles and at The Prince Charles Cinema in London.
The family unit, as you put it, is evolving, not being destroyed.
A full investigation has been demanded into how a family unit failed to notice a baby had 21 rib fractures and broken knees.
Anyone who has got children realises the importance of that family unit and the stability that it brings.