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However, it ultimately concluded that neither party's interpretation was correct, as both had the potential for expansive definitions of the family unit and seemed inconsistent with the legislative intent.
In this manner, the negative effects of divorce may stem from pre-existing differences in the family unit prior to the divorce itself, and these negative effects may be more related to the emotional separation that precedes the legal divorce.
This scale was used because it covers a broad range of social functions, TABULAR DATA OMITTED with specific subscales for Work, Social and Leisure, Extended Family, Marital, Parental, and Family Unit roles.
Jackie Edwards, Midlands director of Pathway Care, one of the UK's leading independent fostering agencies, said: "The traditional family unit has altered considerably since our parents were children.
1 -- color in AV edition only) A woman sits with her child Wednesday in a family unit at the Lancaster Community Shelter, where 13 more family units will soon be built.
Governor Bush stated that the law "strengthens the family unit by maintaining open dialogue between parent and child.
In this poignant debut novel, Carrillo gives an incisive look into the lives of a Cuban American family unit.
Extending his interpretation, Shell contends that The Glass of the Sinful Soul presages the political structure Elizabeth would bring to England, a politically incestuous "national siblinghood" in which she would be simultaneously mother and wife of her people, moving them from a patriarchal model toward a more egalitarian family unit - a free nation.
Under prior rules, each child's stock would have been valued at $1,000,000, because control of the corporation was considered to have remained with the family unit.
It is very important to note that a family "in crisis" does not carry the stigmatizing judgment that somehow the family unit has failed, is dysfunctional, or is in need of professional counseling.
Though pods as large as AB occasionally divide into smaller units, those splits invariably occur along matrilineal lines, not within a family unit, Dahlheim points out.