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The team at CSG Invotas fanatically believes in delivering game changing benefits and we are confident that our customers will be elated with the value that CSG Invotas and Spire brings to the table.
Not a day passes by without a news item on China's increasing influence in resource-rich Africa and how the continent on the other hand appears fanatically enthusiastic about embracing the vast economic assistance coming from Chinese coffers--irking its traditional development partners and former colonisers.
The problem with France is that it has become fanatically secular, almost as annoying as fanatically religious states are.
The fundamental reason for the intransigence being that each side hold their position fanatically, based purely upon opposed religious beliefs, not religious facts, of which it is accepted none exist.
Nato foreign policy may not be popular but neither is the murderous and fanatically religious foreign policy of Al-Qaeda which took Nato to war in Afghanistan.
COULD I ask Dr Murgatroyd (Feedback, May 14) which public opinion poll company's results he is quoting and where they were published when he makes the statement that "the vast majority of British people, especially younger citizens, are in favour of onshore wind developments" and "the vocal minority, typically older people less concerned about the long-term effects of climate change, are fanatically against any form of wind energy on principle.
Emma Crossman, 21, fanatically watched the soap with her best friend, who has been arrested over the death.
The order to suspend Najam Sethi is the latest twist in a legal saga that has plunged the administration of the game, followed fanatically by millions of Pakistanis, into turmoil since May.
Football hooligans from Poland are fanatically dedicated to their clubs and battle rival fans in large-scale fist fights as part of an honour code which espouses a creed of violence.
Fanatically formative; successful learning during the crucial K-3 years.
What makes it grimly fascinating is the way this hulking New York killer is fanatically devoted to wife Deborah (Ryder) and their two daughters - sweet natured and kind before heading off to work.
Scott has been fanatically following the club from afar ever since his Brummie bride first introduced him to all things Villa upon moving to the States a decade ago.