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I've no clue how you deal with the kind of religious fanaticism that enrols a 15-year-old child to commit murder and mayhem and then blow themselves up all in the name of holiness.
The Vice-President directed the Committee which is chaired by Dr Ibrahim Al-Karuri to propound ideas and solutions that will address the root causes of the problem of extremism and fanaticism , affirming that most of Islamic groups and Sufi Sects in Sudan back the moderate way in Sudan.
She also used the occasion to flag India's concerns about the rise of fanaticism and terrorism in West Asia and the fate of Indians taken hostage by terror groups.
Women are the key point in the fight against fanaticism.
It seems that every instance of fanaticism begins with a passion and then somehow runs off the rails, where the ends justify the means.
Religious fanaticism is the most dangerous threat to the world," Cardinal Parolin said warning against the exploitation of religion to achieve political agendas.
My full experience of fanaticism among preliterate peoples is all from cultures in contact with others.
Mother blames 'evil ones' THE mother of a Muslim extremist who butchered soldier Lee Rigby blamed the "evil ones" of Islam for drawing him into a world of fanaticism.
BEIRUT: The Greek Catholic Bishop for Sidon and Deir al-Qamar Elie Haddad emphasized Wednesday that Sidon was not a city of religious fanaticism, following revelations that one of the suicide bombers responsible for last week's deadly attack on the Iranian Embassy hailed from the southern city.
KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq: Head of Sunni Endowment Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al-Samarra'i stated that "our aim is to create a young generation that believes in Middle Stands, not fanaticism, for Sunnis, Shiites and Christians".
Manama: More than 200 young Saudi women took their fight against fanaticism to a basketball court, organising a tournament and promoting the values of tolerance, mutual acceptance and fair play.
They opt for fanaticism and brutal distortion of the truth," said AKEL deputy Giorgos Loucaides on Wednesday, lamenting the emergence of these "antiquated practices that hailed back to dark periods.