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Religion, in some situations, even explains violence as the prior is largely fanaticized or cast as violent.
Relying on Winnicot's notions of object-relations theory, his concepts are helpful for understanding how psychic recollections of past (real or imagined) grievances or glories can transmit fanaticized expectations, intense feelings, and defenses against unacceptable thought from one generation to the next; how feelings of "ancient hatred" and "traumatic pasts" are constructed and maintained.
The new religious militants, fighting in the name of their particular and peculiar God, seem as fanaticized as the Fascists, Nazis, and Communists of earlier decades.
Ancient and recent history has taught us to fear minorities that are terrorized or fanaticized in some way.
They have fanaticized that by that time the security situation would undergo a dramatic change in their favor.