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Harry, 65, who has been racing pigeons for over 50 years, says there is a noticeable increase in losses of racing pigeons affecting fellow pigeon fanciers, including 8,000 losses in Scotland last year.
The project has been devised by Skinningrove councillor Barry Hunt, 63, and Tom Evans, 71, who has been a local pigeon fancier and member of Skinningrove Homing Society for 54 years.
I've paid thousands of pounds over the years for some of these birds, from the best fanciers in Scotland.
On pigeon fancier said: "They [falcons] know their line of flight and they just dive into the middle of that flock, which is decimated.
Retired pigeon fancier George Hough, from Great Barr, said he was disgusted at the increase in bird thefts.
Keen pigeon fancier John Russell, a 63- year old married father of two, was found dead at his home in Burnley, Lancs, on Friday.
A top pigeon fancier said: "The sniffy attitude towards pigeon fanciers is ironic since the Queen is one.
THERE'S no stopping Merv Willdig at the moment after the Church Road Flying Club's in-form fancier enjoyed witnessing his loft's star bird hitting the jackpot again.
Fourth-generation pigeon fancier Mr Chambers, 28, even got pupils to race birds for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.
THE bird crime report includes a case from October last year at Sunderland Magistrates' Court when a pigeon fancier of Easington Colliery in County Durham was fined pounds 600 with pounds 60 costs.
Fancier Gareth Rankin, from Lanarkshire, raised it with the Scottish National Flying Club but secretary Andrew Garven wrote to members saying they felt "there is no case to answer".
He was also a bantam fancier and was a former president of Holmfirth Bantam Fanciers' Club and a member of the Northern Poultry Club.