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The operation, named Bluehawk, was initiated to investigate the alleged killing of birds of prey, notably peregrines by a small number of pigeon fanciers, across the UK.
Pigeon fancier Alun Smith, 45, said "a massive part of his life has been taken away" after the blaze at his loft in Blaencwm, Rhondda, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Famous pigeon fanciers include the Queen, who has 240 birds at Sandringham, and ex-boxer Iron Mike Tyson.
Father and son, in addition to other pigeon fanciers who fear for the future of the sport, have called for the RSPB to stop putting nesting boxes in urban areas.
Pigeon fanciers accounted for one out of every 20 convictions for bird of prey persecution between 1990 and 2009, an RSPB spokesman said.
Birmingham still boasts more pigeon fanciers than any other UK city - and now an archive charting this historic working class past-time is to be produced for the first time.
Are weather fanciers a genetic human subset, I wonder?
PIGEON fanciers can learn more about the history of the sport and see examples of rare artefacts at a new exhibition at Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery.
Feline fanciers of all shapes and stripes will take to Yuri Kuklachev's ``Moscow Cats Theatre'' like a tabby to catnip.
Thoroughly 'user friendly', "For The Love Of A Dog" should be considered 'must listening' for every down owner, fanciers, and trainer.
So the presence of the Eugene Kennel Club and McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers on candidates' campaign contribution reports might seem out of place.
Dragon Champion is competently written and will be of interest to dragon fanciers looking for something solid into which to sink their teeth--or talons.