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Once a marriage market for the fanciest families, the ball is now seen as an old money meet and mingle.
But] we buy the fanciest kinds of pistachios, pine nuts, cashews, semolina, flour, dates and ghee in order to maintain the quality of our products.
A specialty cookbook treasury, ideal for making the fanciest and most memorable doughnuts for any occasion, from office meetings to festive parties
I have these to show people that you don't necessarily need to have all the fanciest gear.
30pm Despite being blessed with the fanciest name in the business, poor Raffaello di Lucca (Joe McFadden, above) is in for a tough week.
Queen Elizabeth I is said to have stayed here back in 1591, in what is now the hotel's fanciest room - the Queen's Suite.
A three-house compound set on the fanciest stretch of Casey Key, right near where Stephen King lives.
Whether it is the biggest private jet, the largest yacht, the fanciest palace or the most extensive wardrobe, it is something that some people do.
They may not be the fanciest guns on the shelf, but the guns in this list will fill a pocket, purse or holster and provide personal protection at a reasonable price.
THERE was a time when Indian restaurants of even the fanciest hotels used to swear by the ' five curry principle'.
More than 200 local school students took part in a recent Tennis Freestyle Festival as schools went up against each other to find out who had the fanciest tricks in town.
It will keep both older children and adults enthralled for hours, days and weeks, as they look at pages full of the fanciest dressing on the planet plus the art of black and white, where the double pages are full of tigers and zebras and ghost beetles.