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Hand-built forms include salt and pepper shakers from pinch pots, coil construction, and a variety of slab items including conventional plaques, plates, mold, and free-formed cylinders, and occasionally an imaginative, fanciful, and creative piece within the guidelines for the class.
First time listeners won't expect Joe Dennis' fanciful atmospheric vocals off-setting Cory Race's maddening 7/8 drumming, Ryan Brannon's heavy bass groove and Stillman's hundred notes a measure.
The reader might shrug and pass off some of the early practices as exaggerated or fanciful, if the author were not so dogged and thorough in his presentation.
Number three is Capriccietta, a fanciful and whimsical piece where contrasts are achieved through the staccato and legato writing.
Starship Command Center" is the fanciful title of new touchscreen graphical visualization software for bubble control from Future Design Inc.
Nega Mezlekia's rich, fanciful world of feudal lords, vassal serfs, rebel slaves and damsels in distress puts a fictional spin on 18th-century Ethiopian history.
Usually, dance excursions into Dadaism or Absurdism are deliberately, even daringly fanciful, with an emphasis on highly colorful costuming and decor.
The fanciful name doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the firm's goods or services, says Phillips, and it just may be your best bet for creating a trademark you can protect, on or off the Net.
A Warner executive said: "Spielberg has a more fanciful approach, and to be true to the book, he would have had to portray her vision, not his.
The nightmarish truth and its fanciful spin, as examined here, will leave you, literally, gasping for breath.
A short piece in the October 1999 National Geographic magazine caught my attention and has led to some fanciful speculation about its implications when applied to the Loyalists.
It's one thing to spin fanciful theories about bucking the hegemony while sitting in your cushy chair in the ivied establishment of academia.