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Whereas Barack Obama can talk fancifully about change, we have it for real, from green to brown to bare, from cricket to rugby, from Flat to jumps.
CROWD-PLEASING FINGER-SANDWICH TRAY Whether rolled, open-faced, or fancifully shaped--little one-bite sandwiches are great on a party plate.
He is just 6-1 to win a Major next year, and rather fancifully 150-1 (Paddy Power) to win three Open Championships.
Indeed even the filmmakers admit they're on thin ground, Kevin Hood's screenplay somewhat fancifully expanded from Jon Spence's biography which, based on a handful of known facts, postulates that the couple had a brief doomed love affair.
Palace," based on a popular comic book series, fancifully re-imagines present-day Korea as a constitutional monarchy with a royal family.
The film fancifully offers up cable-TV etiquette and entertaining guru Colin Cowie as Sam's muse.
BEST laugh of the week just has to be the fancifully named Golden Cup.
I'VE just drunk the last drop of an isotonic sports drink that I fancifully thought would have me leaping about like a 10-year-old boy.
Yet unlike Titian's frankly sensual, intimate image, Rcmbrandt's version offers no sense of his having captured his model en deshabille; his Flora is neither pagan goddess nor Venetian courtesan, but rather a charming young Dutch woman rather fancifully gotten up for the occasion in a slightly extravagant but rustic hat.
These fancifully lacquered creations are etched with Nahuatl symbols of the natural world, and the interior wood is left exposed, giving off a fresh, almost perfume-like aroma.
Authentic jazz dance includes many fancifully named steps, reincarnations of which have turned up in social and fad dances, Broadway-style jazz, and MTV choreography.
Yet this fancifully excessive sensibility veers from gritty urban realism to bubblegum.