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Germans showed early fandom for Arrow whereas France fell first for How I Met Your Mother.
With respect to independent contributions to AO scores, dysfunctional fandom (t = 3.
ABOUT WIKIA Wikia, the social universe for fans, by fans, is the home for social fandom and the ultimate source for powerful and relevant entertainment expertise.
When studying fandom, the researcher must acknowledge her own position: is she studying fandom as a fan, or is she studying it as an outsider (Sandvoss Fans 5)?
Much like my friendships with the other members of my"Full House" Club, whom I sporadically see in my Facebook feed with their own 9-year-olds, my fandom seems unsustainable now.
According to MTV, the mtvU Fandom Awards is created to honour diehard fans and their favourite movies and shows.
Some super hyper fans take it to the level of dressing up in costumes of their fandom characters referred to as 'cosplays'.
Fans will then "reconcile their object of fandom with their expectation, beliefs, and sense of self," and as "the fan's semiotic power extends beyond the bridging of textual gaps to the inclusion and exclusion of textual episodes, fan readers exclude those textual elements that impede the normalization of the text and fail to correspond with their horizon of expectation" (30).
Sports fandom is really a tribal thing," says Wann, a phenomenon that can help fulfill our psychological need to belong--providing similar benefits to the social support achieved through religious, professional, or other affiliations.
In her mind there had been an active (female) fandom since the 1970s.
Fantasy Football Basics" is a must for anyone who wants to spice up their football fandom.
How did the international idea of sf fandom generate the Finnish fandom network, and what cultural and personal meanings are connected to this process?