far reaching

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In a fresh Israeli violation of Lebanese air space, a pilotless remote-controlled spy drone overflew the eastern sector of south Lebanon far reaching east to the slopes of Mt.
Deadly Dogma is very strongly recommended reading as a superbly presented study of the political right wing and their perspectives on foreign policy, as well as previously unnoted facts with respect to the far reaching contributions of the neoconservative's current reign at the federal level of American governance.
I do believe that what both Foster and Gehry are doing with computer-based production methods does have far reaching implications for architects and the construction industry generally, though in my view the stress in Foster's work on low-energy design makes it far more relevant to 'the future of the planet'.
Its decision could have far reaching affects for future developments in New York City.
Dear Editor, - I'm very pleased to see the far reaching development plans for the new New Street Station but the image does worry one a just a little.
TEI's last Annual Meeting of Members was held in August 2002 amid much talk of the justenacted Sarbanes-Oxley Act whose full implications on the tax community, while unknown, promised to be far reaching.
Perhaps not as instant or far reaching as email, but definitely a whole lot friendlier and cosier.
Should such a restructuring occur, it may have far reaching implications for the nation's airports, particularly connecting hubs and small regional facilities.
In the US the inability to reach a consensus on modernization continues to frustrate, while in Europe, Pan-European directives in particular the Financial Services Action Plan will see far reaching consequences for insurers.
The "Best in Class" awards reflect similar far reaching accomplishments:
Fitch Ratings expects lease rates to continue their downward spiral in 2003 due primarily to continued economic softness, which could likely be intensified by the far reaching effects of the war with Iraq and the possibility of new terrorist activities.
Vice President of Legal and General Counsel, "However, the ruling could have far reaching implications for Louisiana and the many industries that ship hazardous materials in that State, because it places the burden of monitoring the condition of hazardous materials during transport on the owners, even if they are not transportation experts.