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They enumerated various problems in their far-flung backward areas and hope their children could get education and assured to convince others to send their children to schools.
Finally, by following BTM's principle of reusability, project managers can make certain that even far-flung project teams remain on the same page.
government research laboratory's far-flung computers in a powerful grid, massively boosting their ability to study complex issues such as global climate change.
Centralized access to data among far-flung processing centers has been enabled by the Internet, and Mobius Management Systems has been capitalizing on the Web's capabilities.
Lawyers for the media guys are arguing that ISPs are responsible for everything--even a tiny piece of code like DeCSS--that transverses their far-flung networks.
Now, he's back, and the Montrose team has been stocked with talent from such far-flung places as Mali, Puerto Rico, and Japan.
Platt's lucid and convincing discussion of the play brings together the far-flung edges of his own text.
Occasionally there are judgements to quarrel with - how on earth can Grundmann suggest that Hadrian's Villa 'is not eclectic at all' when it was created with themes from all over the Empire to remind the ruler of his favourite far-flung places?
Vehicle Recyclability Coordinator Susan Day is touring the country, touting the company's use of recycled products in its far-flung manufacturing operations.
Additional and larger-scale maps would have helped track references to these far-flung corners of the world.
Organizations such as Federal Express, with far-flung operations or memberships, are creating their own satellite networks--70 were in operation in the US at last count--to reach those who need to be reached, all at the same time, and to save mega-bucks on travel time and expenses.
And at its best, TV can inspire viewers to respond constructively to far-flung crises, as they have in sending aid to Ethiopia and protesting U.