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The time is not far-off when it will overcome all the problems and become a prosperous country, he remarked.
As the sun sets beyond the far-off hills, yellow ocean now turns a sea of green.
At the court, Jack casts a spell that inadvertently causes Frith's hair to fall out, and to restore it he must go on a dangerous quest to find the magical Mimir's Well in the far-off land of the trolls and drink the song-mead it contains--with Lucy's life at stake if he does not succeed.
What better excuse to visit a far-off metropolis than converging with thousands of other distance nuts to overtake its streets for a day?
While personal and professional obligations or a fear of culture shock keep many of us from living abroad, the lure of moving to a far-off locale still has tremendous appeal.
Enter Coheed and Cambria, whose The Second Stage Turbine Blade depicts the inner workings of some far-off galaxy, sort of like if Blade Runner had an indie rock soundtrack.
However, McIntosh paints a compelling picture of what archaeologists have pieced together about the Indus thus far, which reveals them to be a peace-loving people that engaged in trade with far-off lands and was as accomplished as any civilization of its time.
In far-off India, schools that were teaching teens how to write HTML code or program in C-sharp began folding last summer.
Often viewed as far-off and exotic, China frequently reminds me of the similarities that connect her with the West.
Monica Storrs and her colleagues were among a group of dedicated Englishwomen who enlisted for the work of the Lord in strange, far-off lands such as Canada.
Coming from a far-off place, my only connection with the Western world was through magazines," explains Gan, 33.
Non sequitur talking and squealing and a disquieting rock score by Laurie Anderson and, especially, Nina Hagen, with her galvanic German cabaret style, provided a wakeup call from some far-off place.