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As the sun sets beyond the far-off hills, yellow ocean now turns a sea of green.
Sometimes there's a cosmic shiver-down-the-spine moment - usually caused by a far-off feel to the vocals and piano - but mostly it skis too far off the mainstream musical piste.
In this fair, deities from various far-off temples are brought and they meet each other in a procession.
Which poets will represent Worcester in the far-off city of Boston?
Chrysler's chief economist Van Jolissaint scathingly called EU leaders "quasi-hysterical Europeans" with "Chicken Little" attitudes toward global warming which he sees as "a far-off risk whose magnitude is uncertain.
Many happy Australians, whether locally indigenous or immigrants from far-off jungles like England, understand their land to be a true wilderness as well as a civilization.
Divided into segments that devote a short and sweet 4-10 pages or so to each destination, Roads Less Travels recount highlights of the author's journeys to Spain, India, Mexico City, Vietnam, Australia, Bhutan, Antarctica, Kilimanjaro, and many more exciting and far-off places.
Far-off mountains, crashing waves, scene-stealing children, local landmarks--all the features that were previously so painstakingly shunned have insinuated themselves here with a vengeance.
But living in a far-off country generally forces you to engage with its health care system, and Burma was no different.
95) tells of Patty's visits to her big red bus, where her and her sister drive to far-off places--including the moon
Disgusting that the likes of Bishop Sheridan and others work so singlemindedly against abortion and birth control, while condoning the policies of an Administration that takes the lives of tens of thousands of innocents in far-off lands.
At the court, Jack casts a spell that inadvertently causes Frith's hair to fall out, and to restore it he must go on a dangerous quest to find the magical Mimir's Well in the far-off land of the trolls and drink the song-mead it contains--with Lucy's life at stake if he does not succeed.