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Today I was notified that a woman of the middle class would be killed in Golden Gate Park, in faraway San Francisco.
Of Comrade Ossipon, whom she had received curtly, entrenched behind the counter with a stony face and a faraway gaze, she said nothing, her mental reference to the robust anarchist being marked by a short pause, with the faintest possible blush.
He saw himself--at best--leading a miserable existence under police supervision, in some small, faraway provincial town, without friends to assist his necessities or even take any steps to alleviate his lot--as others had.
The walker in the familiar fields which stretch around my native town sometimes finds himself in another land than is described in their owners' deeds, as it were in some faraway field on the confines of the actual Concord, where her jurisdiction ceases, and the idea which the word Concord suggests ceases to be suggested.
ENID Blyton's children's novel The Magic Faraway Tree is being adapted for the big screen.
When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to a new house with an Enchanted Wood on their doorstep they discover the Faraway Tree.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 23, 2014-Neal Street Productions to adapt Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree titles for the big screen
Faraway Roads is a novel set in the dusty California desert.
In The Faraway Nearby, an autobiography, empathy is connective tissue and her focus is personal.
FARAWAY FIX Just because ya don't have a license doesn't mean you'll have to spend the summer apart.
The Faraway Horses provides a moving story now adapted as a major motion picture, Buck, and tells of the author's evolution from an abusive childhood to a horseman with a unique success as a 'horse whisperer'.
The comment on the back cover describes the weird contents of this book--'A strange mist, an elusive key and an ingenious invention, these are the clues that lead Demelza and her friends to faraway places where reality and dreams merge together.