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I can't seem to locate your farm," he said, "though I've been to Temperance and used to live up that way.
Here, too, the slaves of all the other farms received their monthly allowance of food, and their yearly clothing.
I think yours is the prettiest farm on the estate, though; and do you know, Mrs.
If it's on your nerves in the least we can have the old farm at the back of the house pulled down, or perhaps it has spoiled the notion for you?
It comforted him a little to remember he hadn't done so badly by her until the war had torn him from his rented farm and she had been forced to do a man's work in field and barn.
For some reason which he did not try to explain to himself, he was glad of his silence, when, on the following morning, he found, on looking out, that the point over which the kite then hovered was Mercy Farm.
I had been told that Frome was poor, and that the saw-mill and the arid acres of his farm yielded scarcely enough to keep his household through the winter; but I had not supposed him to be in such want as Harmon's words implied, and I expressed my wonder.
But as to what he says about old tenants, in point of fact no new tenant would take the farms on the present terms.
This worried Uncle Henry a good deal, for without the farm he would have no way to earn a living.
And the vision he saw was of farm and farm-house and straw-thatched outbuildings, of children playing in the sun, and the good wife at the door, of lowing kine, and clucking fowls, and the stamp of horses in the stable, of his father's farm next to him, with, beyond, the woodless, rolling land and the hedged fields, neat and orderly, extending to the crest of the smooth, soft hills.
before she had been five minutes at the farm, Hardyman's sister had fished for her, caught her, landed her.
Hedges of evergreen or of yellow roses bordered the broad highway and the farms showed the care of their industrious inhabitants.