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Clover Farmstead Butter is the latest release in organic products from Clover Organic Farms.
Farmstead residential community: Bittersweet Farms.
The wage rate drew criticism from leaders of the union's locals at the two Farmstead plants.
Nestled in the heart of Hill Country, Fredericksburg is home to both the 2007 Idea House and Farmstead and the Gillespie County Historical Society.
Residents Tom and Val Spitty at the official opening of the Farmstead on Dudley <B Lane, Seaton Burn and the nature reserve at Seaton Burn college
On one of these trips Sir Kyffin went to Caerau, near Llanfairynghornwy, on Anglesey, to paint one of the whitewashed farmsteads.
As the executive chef for Blackberry Farm's FarmStead, Glander's focus falls squarely on translating the abundance of the land around him to every dish and every guest's plate.
You'll find about 30 of these artisan and farmstead cheesemakers in California making about 200 varieties and styles, says Devereux - and that doesn't include the state's 20 cheesemakers that are mass-producing more familiar cheeses like Monterey Jack, Cheddar and mozzarella.
Det Sgt Ian Pear, of Chace Avenue police station, said: "We know the lady made her way to another house in the Farmstead after the incident.
Despite the forecast for a decline in farm tractors and combines, responses from key industry agricultural manufacturers indicate that the sales of most farm field machinery and farmstead equipment will be higher this year.
A sixth has been created by restoring a ruined farmstead.
Visitors are welcome to tour the 2007 Idea House and Farmstead in person and online between June 28 and October 28, 2007