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New Delhi [India] Feb 7 ( ANI ): Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech in the Lok Sabha as a farrago of misrepresentations and half-truths.
Tour de France farrago It's important to maintain a healthy scepticism when there's been so much cheating in the past.
This week he drops into the studio to discuss The Battle of the Five Armies, while the most controversial man on four wheels, Jeremy Clarkson, will no doubt be discussing the recent farrago in Argentina.
We were not really supposed to sit through several hours of farrago, mistaken identities, reconciliations and so on; we were supposed to come and go, only returning from gourmandising, gambling and flirting (I choose that word carefully) in order to hear our favourite singers.
Surely, matters of this kind would be best dealt with by a high-heeled shoe firmly placed on the miscreant's foot, a knee in his groin or a slap in his teeth" - Tory peer Lord Tebbit, describing the Lord Rennard affair as "a farrago of nonsense".
Judge McElholm said he would be unable to deal with the case on Monday as: "I am involved in the other farrago, that travelling Eurovision Song Contest that has completely disrupted the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.
It's mind-boggling that an actor of Pacino's stature would align himself with such a vulgar farrago.
For too long its reputation had been ravaged by the annual Beaujolais Nouveau farrago.
But this farrago of squandered millions and mismanagement is not only an abject failure of our politicians in Edinburgh city chambers, but also those sitting a few hundred yards down the Royal Mile in our parliament.
The cast looks embarrassed by the farrago, not least Oscar-winner De Niro, whose contribution is reduced to an unsightly protrusion and a fight in a children's ball pool.
Si toda novela historica implica el manejo de informacion documental, de lo que los teoricos llamaron la arquitectura novelesca, es pertinente destacar lo que escribio Luis Antonio de Villena quien, con Oscar Hermes Villordo, es uno de los mejores conocedores de la obra del autor: "La cultura entendida no como un farrago de aprendizajes diversos, como algo muerto que se guarda en el archivo de la memoria, sino como algo vital y actuante que ayuda a sentir y realizar mas plenamente la vida, la cultura es algo que esta en nosotros, que abre ambitos de nuestra percepcion y que --connotativamente-- amplia nuestro sentimiento de las cosas.